Global Wired Lighting Control Industry Market Analysis & Forecast 2018-2023

 MDEL4523 |  Electronics & Semiconductor |  Jul 12, 2018

The Global Wired Lighting Control Industry Market showcase was esteemed at US$3.945 billion out of 2017 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 12.04% over the conjecture time frame to reach US$7.803 billion by 2023.

Global Wired Lighting Control Industry Market framework is a system based lighting control arrangement that fuses correspondence between different framework data sources and yields identified with lighting control with the utilization of processing gadgets. It enables the client to control the force of light, its shading, and example in this manner enhancing the client encounter alongside expanding the vitality sparing. Decrease in vitality utilization because of developing worry about vitality the board is the key driver of insightful Global Wired Lighting Control Industry Market showcase. Expanding interest for shrewd homes, falling costs of LEDs and good government approaches for the utilization of vitality effective framework are further energizing the interest for astute lighting controls advertise. Extension of Global Wired Lighting Control Industry Market frameworks by set up building controls organizations will push the market development sooner rather than later.

Global Wired Lighting Control Industry Market exploration consider inspects the present market patterns identified with the interest, supply, and deals, notwithstanding the ongoing improvements. Real drivers, limitations, and openings have been secured to give a thorough image of the market. The examination displays top to bottom data with respect to the advancement, patterns, and industry approaches and directions actualized in every one of the topographical areas.

1 Introduction (pageno.-17)
1.1 study objectives
1.2 market definition
1.2.1 market covered
1.2.2 year scan side red for the study
1.3 Currency
1.4 Limitations
1.5 market stakeholders
2 Research Method Ology (pageno.-21)
2.1 research data
2.1.1 secondary data major secondary sources key data from secondary sources
2.1.2 primary data primary interview with experts break down of primaries key data from primary sources
2.1.3 secondary and primary research key industry insights
2.2 market size estimation
2.2.1 Bottom-up approach approach for capturing the market share by bottom-up analysis (demand side)
2.2.2 Top-down approach approach for capturing the market share by top-down analysis (supply side)
2.3 market break down and data triangulation
2.4 research assumptions
3 Executive Summary (pageno.-31)
4 Premium Insights (pageno.-35)
4.1 attractive market opportunities in lighting control and management system market
4.2 lighting control and management system market in apac
4.3 lighting control and management system market, by services
4.4 lighting control and management system market, by indoor application
4.5 Country-wise analysis of lighting control and management system market
5 Market Overview (pageno.-39)
5.1 Introduction
5.2 market dynamics
5.2.1 Drivers requirement of energy-efficient lighting control and management systems increasing adoption of the internet of things (iot) in the lighting industry acceptance of standard protocols for lighting control modernization and infrastructure development
5.2.2 Restraints perception of the higher cost of installations and limited awareness sab out payback periods security and privacy issue senior-based lighting systems may impede the growth
5.2.3 Opportunities advancement of wireless communication technologies rise of the smart cities revolution is a great opportunity for lighting industry government initiatives for electricity savings
5.2.4 Challenges decreasing the power consumption of digital dimmers lack of standardized regulatory frameworks in the energy sector
5.2.5 burning issues Cybersecurity
5.2.6 winning imperative consumer awareness about the importance of energy savings
6 Industry Trends (Pageno.-46)
6.1 Introduction
6.2 value chain analysis
6.2.1 research and product development
6.2.2 raw material/component suppliers
6.2.3 manufacturers and assemblers
6.2.4 key technology providers/system integrators
6.2.5 distribution and sales
6.2.6 Application
6.3 key industry trends
7 Lighting Control And Management System Market, By Installation Type (Pageno.-49)
7.1 Introduction
7.2 new installation
7.3 retrofit installation
8 Lighting Control And Management System Market, By Offering (pageno.-54)
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Hardware
8.2.1 led drivers & Ballasts
8.2.2 Sensors
8.2.3 Switches manual on/off switch toggle switch rocker switch illuminated switch electronic switch wireless switch Sensor-based switch Others
8.2.4 Dimmers wired dimmers digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) KNX digital multiplex (DMX) wireless dimmers Sensor-based wireless dimmers automated wireless dimmers
8.2.5 relay units
8.2.6 Gateways
8.3S oft ware
8.3.1 Local/Web-based software
8.3.2 Cloud-based software
8.4 Services (laas)
8.4.1 professional services
8.4.2 maintenance service lifecycle maintenance system optimization data analytics
8.4.3 managed services
8.4.4 other services financing and third-party ownership Value-added services
9 Lighting Control And Management System Market, By Application (pageno.-73)
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Indoor
9.2.1 Residential
9.2.2 Commercial
9.2.3 Industrial
9.2.4 Others
9.3 Outdoor
9.3.1 Highways & roadways lighting
9.3.2 architectural lighting
9.3.3 lighting for public places
9.3.4 Others
10 Lighting Control And Management System Market, By Communication Protocol (pageno.-87)
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Wired
10.2.1 DALI
10.2.2 powerline communication (PLC)
10.2.3 power over Ethernet (POE)
10.2.4 Hybrid (Wired)
10.2.5 Others
10.3 Wireless
10.3.1 Zig bee
10.3.2 Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
10.3.3 Enocean
10.3.4 Wi-Fi
10.3.56 low pan
10.3.6 Hybrid (Wireless)
10.3.7 Others
11 Geographic Analysis (pageno.-96)
11.1 Introduction
11.2 North America
11.2.1 US building codes expected to boost the adoption of new technologies in light switches
11.2.2 Canada grow in gad option of energy-efficient lighting systems
11.2.3 Mexico government is encouraging use of energy-efficient lighting systems
11.3 Europe
11.3.1 UK demand for energy-saving and long-lasting lighting systems driving the lighting control and management system market in the UK
11.3.2 Germany increasing demand for smart homes driving the lighting control and management system market in Germany
11.3.3 France rising awareness toward energy conservation
11.3.4 Italy high demand from the rebounding construction sector
11.3.5 Spain government regulations for reducing missions driving the adoption of lighting control and management systems
11.3.6 rest of europe increasing investments to fuel the growth of lighting control and management system market in the future
11.4 Asia Pacific
11.4.1 China increasing government expend it urea public infrastructure
11.4.2 Japan focus on energy management solutions
11.4.3 India government support and strong economic outlook expected to drive the growth of the market
11.4.4 South Korea energy efficiency labels & standards program expected to boost the growth of lighting control and management systems
11.4.5 rest of apace Australia and Indonesia are emerging market swath significant potential
11.5 rest of the world
11.5.1 focus on real state & Urbanization
12 Competitive Land Scape( pageno.-126)
12.1 Introduction
12.2 market ranking of top 5 players in the lighting control and management system market
12.3 competitive scenario
12.4 lighting control and management system market (Global) competitive leadership mapping
12.4.1 visionary leaders
12.4.2 dynamic differentiators
12.4.3 Innovators
12.4.4 emerging companies
12.5 business strategy excellence
12.6 strength of product portfolio 
top companiesanalyzedforthisstudyare—generalelectriccompany(US);philipslightingnv(Netherlands);eatoncorporationplc(Ireland);legrands.A.(France); osramlichtag (Germany); acuitybrands,Inc.(US);Cree,Inc.(US);lutronelectronicsco.Inc.(US); leviton manufacturing company, Inc.(US); echelon corporation (US); light waverfplc( UK); digital lumens, Inc. (US); hubbellin corporated (US); zumtobel group (Austria); schneider electric (France); lsiindustriesinc. (US); etap lighting (Belgium); universal lighting technologies, Inc. (US); Lightronics (US); aura light (Sweden); Amerlux (US); douglas lighting controls (Canada);Nedap(Netherlands); synapse wireless,Inc.(US); rablighting (US);
13 Company Profiles (pageno.-133)
13.1 Introduction
(business overview, products offered & services strategies, key insights, recent developments, mnm view)
13.2 General Electric Company
13.3 Philips Lighting N.V.
13.4 Eaton Corporation PLC
13.5 Legrand S.A.
13.6 Osram Licht AG
13.7 Acuity Brands, Inc.
13.8 creeinc.
13.9 Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
13.10 Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc.
13.11 Echelon Corporation
13.12 Light waverf PLC
13.13 Digital Lumens, Inc.
13.14 Start-Ups Ecosystem
13.14.1 Isotera
13.14.2 Ketra
13.14.3 LIFX
13.14.4 Switch matins.
14 Appendix (pageno.-185)
14.1 Insights from Industry Experts
14.3 Knowledge Store: Market sand markets’ Subscription Portal
14.4 Introducing RT: Real-Time Market Intelligence
14.5 Available Customization
14.6 Related Reports
14.7 Author Details

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